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Safety Corner

Tarp Safety
Published Tuesday, February 1, 2011 6:00 am

Get help: If possible, get a buddy or a co-worker to help you with the tarping process. Usually flatbed truckers share camaraderie among them and help each other out.

  1. Use a forklift or overhead crane to get tarps on top of your load.
  2. Use a ladder to climb on top of the trailer or your load. Never climb up on the tires or the side of the load. Watch out for holes in the load.
  3. Tarp your load in an area where you are protected from the weather (wind, rain, snow). Never tarp on the side of a highway.
  4. Donít walk on top of a wet tarp as it can be quite slippery. Always wear boots with non-skid soles and adequate tread.
  5. While unrolling a tarp, always roll it forward rather than pulling back, so that all edges and hazards are visible to you. Never walk backward on top of your load.
  6. Wear appropriate protective gear such as helmet, orange jacket, work gloves and protective eyeglasses while you are putting your tarp on the load.
  7. Pull the bungee straps away from your body/face and turn the hooks away from the tarp.
  8. Use smart body mechanics while handling the tarp to prevent muscle injuries. Face the tarp, keep your back straight and pull the tarp with arms at about waist height.
  9. Use your common sense and donít take chances. You are in it for the long haul.

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